13th August 2011

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BEAT CONSTRUCTION; Interview with Knucklehead

BEAT CONSTRUCTION; Interview with Knucklehead

13th August 2011

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Bob Dylan - Country Pie

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12th August 2011

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Spoon - “The Agony of Laffitte”

Spoon got lucky, in a way. Not that getting dropped from Elektra was luck, although it did work out for them in the end: no, the lucky part was that the guy who screwed them over had an eminently punnable last name, which led to someone coming up with a couple of titles, which led to Britt writing two of the best songs of his career basically as a joke. That just goes to show what an absolute pro the guy is: even when he’s goofing around, brilliance still comes out.

“The Agony of Laffitte” / “Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now” was released as a 7” by Saddle Creek, and later included on the re-release of A Series of Sneaks by Merge. The songs serve as a perfect coda to the album, and to the whole Elektra debacle. They are probably the most directly autobiographical songs in the Spoon catalog (Britt names names, including former Elektra CEO Sylvia Rhone), and the raw emotion, the palpable disappointment in Britt’s voice, makes them both extremely moving, I think. I also find the opening line of “The Agony” hilarious: “All I ever asked of you / Was a copy of Garage Days and to tell the truth”; like, was a copy of an old Metallica EP (released by Elektra but out-of-print at the time) a part of the deal when they signed? Because that would be awesome.

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12th August 2011

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Adventure Time AD, @ Plaza Baquedano, Santiago de Chile!

Adventure Time AD, @ Plaza Baquedano, Santiago de Chile!

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11th August 2011

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11th August 2011

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PropertyOfZack Interview : : Mayday Parade

PropertyOfZack sat down with Derek Sanders in New Jersey not too long ago at the beginning of the band’s tour with All Time Low for a short interview. Derek and I discussed the new tour, their self-titled album, switching from Atlantic to ILG, and more. Read up and enjoy!

We’re just a few days into your summer tour with All Time Low, The Starting Line, and We Are The In Crowd. How have the first few shows been?
It’s been awesome. There have only been two shows so far, but they’ve been so much fun. It’s good to be out again with All Time Low; we’ve toured with them a few times in the past. They’re great dudes and are such a good band and are fun to watch live. We’ve toured with We Are The In Crowd before too, and they’re great people. It’s good to be with friends. We all also love The Starting Line a lot.
POZ: It’s set to be a pretty massive tour any way that you split it, but is it just a little bit more of an added bonus that The Starting Line are out here for a few shows with you now?
Derek: Of course. I only wish they were on the whole tour because they’re only on foru shows. We did Soundwave and they were on that and we did Slam Dunk and they were on that, so we’ve gotten to see them a lot.
Before this tour you guys headed out to Japan with The Summer Set, Anarbor, and With The Punches. How was that tour? 
That was incredible and such a good time. All those bands were so fun to hang out with. We really hadn’t hung with any of those bands a whole lot before that tour, so we all became good friends and had a really good experience. It was awesome.
Mayday Parade released “Oh Well, Oh Well” just a few days ago and fans were hit pretty hard by it. Was the reaction better than expected?
From what I’ve looked at, it seems like a lot of people like it. We all love that song. We’re playing it on this tour for the first time.
POZ: Have fans been into it live?
Derek: Obviously it’s a little weird to play a new song for the first time, but it seemed cool and it’s really fun to play.

We’ve spoken before just about how even though you guys are happy with what Anywhere But Here did for the band that the actual music got a little bit away from what you wanted to be. Is it just a great feeling to know that the fans are right back behind you with the sound of the new song?
From the beginning, that’s all we really were about; making music that we loved and wanted to play. It’s why we all started doing this in the first place, so it’s good to go back to that and to make an album with that being the only priority. I feel like that’s hopefully why people have liked us all along.

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11th August 2011

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As part of last night’s edition of Audience Suggestion Box, we had the pleasure of seeing an incredible musical act live in the flesh: Black Simon and Garfunkel. Just, wow.

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11th August 2011

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HBO has officially announced that True Blood will return for a fifth season. 12 all-new episodes will arrive Summer 2012.

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